Social Drives Success in DTP/HCP Multichannel Launch

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The Challenge

  • New Rx Influenza treatment received FDA approval as flu season started, facing fierce competition from OTC, generics, and established Rx products with large budgets and established sales teams.
  • Patients need to get a Rx within the first 48 hours of symptom onset
  • Cost is a major factor with HCPs and patients

Overall Strategy

  • Consumer campaign based on geography to “follow the flu” launched after HCPs were introduced to the brand
  • Target high-priority HCPs based on those who prescribed a competitive brand

HCP Approach

  • Analysis of target list segmented the audience using prescribing propensity. Identified high vs. low prescribers for efficient resource allocation
  • Varied investment levels reflect their predicted value to the brand
  • DNA+Affinity™ identified individual physicians to be reached, and media channels/properties they most prefer to ensure 100% reach
  • Constructed multi-channel non-personal promotional plan using channels most preferred by the target audience (direct mail, email, print, digital)






Patient Approach

  • CDC data powered a geolocation campaign that deployed specific messages based on targeted DMAs across the US with a message adjusted weekly that “the flu is spiking in your area”
  • Point of Purchase: Shelf-talkers in pharmacies showcased brand benefits, a prompt to ask their doctor about the product, and a money-saving coupon
  • Social media targeted patient segments based on lifestyle attributes
  • Patients in high-decile, high-flu area HCP waiting rooms were exposed to cover wraps on magazines, in-office TV ads, and mobile ads through geo-targeting
  • Coupons delivered via reps though established GoodRx program







Results & Learnings

  • Awareness-focused messaging on Social resonated strongest with all audience segments in the Patient campaign, demonstrating growth in brand awareness on Social throughout the season
  • Follow the Flu activated paid media (Display, Paid Search, Social) against spiking DMAs across the US and delivered relevant messaging to audiences in those specific areas.


Website Visits, 93% driven by Patient and 7% driven by HCP


Coupon Downloads, 87% from Patient and 13% from HCP


Users reached through Patient Display campaign and drove the second highest website visits through the campaign