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Associate Media Planner

CMI Media Group has a passion for innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We use that passion to help leading organizations that are dedicated to improving the health of our society achieve their business goals by creating experiences that inform, educate, and stimulate behaviors that improve the quality of life.

Associate Media Planners play a vital role in achieving these business goals by managing the tactical implementation of digital, targeted and print media campaigns. Associate Media Planners should exhibit strong attention to detail, the ability to understand key contractual concepts/ billing practices, and the readiness to master campaign management.

Training Opportunities:

All Associate Media Planners will have the opportunity to go through a 6-week long media execution training program alongside other newly hired Associate Media Planners. This training curriculum will introduce you to the key concepts of pharmaceutical advertising, CMI Media Group’s tools and processes, and media campaign management.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Aid in creating tactical recommendations by partnering with media suppliers to ensure all media placements are impactful to your client’s target audience
• Have a basic understanding of your client’s overall business goals and strategic marketing objectives
• Ensure the financial integrity of contractual documentation throughout the entirety of the media campaign
• Develop positive rapport with supplier and interagency contacts
• Mitigate campaign performance reporting errors
• Manage creative assets submission through FDA regulatory team
• Garner competitive insights from large data sets and identify notable trends
• Master CMI/Compas propriety data tools

Preferred Qualifications:

• 4-year business degree or equivalent in experience and education preferably in Communications or Marketing
• Previous experience in marketing, media, or a related field
• Proficient use of spreadsheets, word processing, and presentation graphics
• Strong written and verbal communication skills 

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CMI Media Group was built on inclusion and diversity. It is in our DNA and core values. Challenging the norm is where we started and it's what drives us as a health leader, indispensable partner, and home for our employees. We are a group of hearts and minds who want to make a difference and celebrate being different, to give voice to and truly hear our people and our partners. We believe in more than "all". We believe in "all for good."

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