Endpoints News – The Pod People of Pharma: Podcast Veterans and Newbies Dial Up Conversational Science, Entertainment and Brand Stories

April 27, 2022

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity; as Mark Pappas, SVP, Innovation, told Endpoints News, “Just like conversations, it’s more enjoyable and easier to listen to than other forms of media.” He also shared these stats: An estimated 120 million people living in the US listen to podcasts. Every day, podcasts reach one in three Americans who spend an average 40 minutes a day listening. It’s also a largely underutilized medium across all industries. At the end of the article, Mark adds: “With podcasts you can get up and go for a walk or listen in your car … It’s a perfect storm right now that’s making podcasts very appealing and pharma is obviously taking note.” Read the full article today!