Rich Media Banners: What, Why & How

Ketul Shah, Associate Director, Insights & Analytics

February 23, 2021

What is a Rich Media Banner?

A rich media banner is interactive digital banner advertising that drives response with its interactive elements such as video, data collection, couponing, polling and much more. A rich media ad can be as full featured as a mini-website and just as measurable, tracking everything from interaction with the ad itself and the various elements within to how much time a consumer spent on the ad, and ultimately conversion.

Why Would Pharma Marketers Use Rich Media Banners?

As consumers face more messages than ever, it is crucial that pharmaceutical marketers – and marketers in general – maximize their online advertising with relevant, interactive and creative ad units that provide the flexibility to display products and offers in a compelling and engaging way.

As per ClickZ, “Rich media ads can generate up to a 1,000% increase in ad interactions, making engagement rates 6 times higher than static display ads.” Rich Media ads work well with iOS devices though iOS does not support Flash ads.

Through rich media ads, online users can interact with pharmaceutical product information without visiting the product website. They can do so by watching video and TV spots, downloading coupons or free trial offers, participating in patient surveys/polls, and even setting medication reminders in their personal email or calendar programs. And if the rich media ads are designed to expand, pharmaceutical companies can include all drug facts, regardless of length, to satisfy FDA requirements.

As per a study done by, Rich Media Banners outperform throughout the entire funnel, i.e. Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent and Conversion. It generates higher brand awareness, message association, lift in brand searches on search engines, and drives higher and more qualified site traffic, all of which generates higher conversions.

What Are Best Practices for Using/Implementing Rich Media Banner Campaigns?

If you are not using rich media banners, you are missing out. In order to get the most returns from a Rich Media Banner campaign, these best practices should be followed:

  • Use Expandable Rich Media: As per PointRoll, expandable rich
    media banners outperform non-expandable ones on almost all the banner
    performance KPIs.
  • Creative Matters: Creative must be attention-grabbing
    and capable of generating engagement, give preference to what is most important
    to your customers and over your brand.
  • Integrate Across Campaigns: Use integrated messaging and creative
    across multiple campaigns, align display with search.
  • Measurement is MUST: With Rich Media, there can be almost
    150 metrics that can be tracked. Take advantage of measurement tools/vendors
    specialized for Rich Media.