Twitter Opens Its Advertising Doors with “Profiles Without Accounts” Test: What Does This Mean for Pharma Brands?

February 23, 2021


Advertising on various social platforms is nothing new. However, across these platforms, most require a brand or organization to establish their own presence in some compacity, via a dedicated page or a profile. In lieu of that requirement, Twitter has announced a major change to their advertising opportunities for brands interested in leveraging their platform to reach their target audiences.

Brands can now reach Twitter’s audience without having a profile page by running new Ads Without Profiles, a beta opportunity that allows them to display Website Clicks ads and Promoted Video ads. Although other social platforms like Facebook already offer this feature with right rail ads, the placements of these Twitter ads are only located in one place: a user’s feed.

Although brands without a Twitter profile are now able to reach Twitter’s audience, there are some restriction that apply in these new beta ad formats:

  1. Profile images, along with the advertiser’s name, are not clickable
  2. Engagement is significantly reduced, as engagement buttons like Retweets, replies, and likes are all disabled
  3. Brands must meet a spend minimum to engage in this beta test, which can be planned with Twitter Advertising.

How Can Pharma Brands Use This to Their Advantage?

With Twitter’s latest update, a brand can now reach more of their targeted audience on Twitter with no commitment to an account or the possibility of potentially negative user engagement or adverse events. Since Twitter has disabled all retweets, replies and likes for each ad that runs without a username, the ads will therefore solely be focused on driving website traffic or generating video views.

It is important to remember tweets will be capped at 140 characters, not including links, videos, gifs or images. Additionally, now that images or videos no longer count against a tweet’s character limit, it is strongly advised to use an appealing yet relatable image to the brand and audience with a promoted tweeted.

How Can Brands Begin to Use This Opportunity?

This feature of Twitter ads currently offered in beta testing format only, as Twitter is expected to start rolling out with this unique feature within a few months. In the interim, brands that are interested may contact CMI to develop a strategy to effectively use this new feature.