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Autism Research Breakthrough | Group Doctor Visits | Doctored Videos

A major breakthrough in autism research was just published in Nature; scientists using machine learning to study the DNA of individuals with autism and their relatives who did not have autism have found that autism seems to be caused by a spontaneous rather than inherited gene mutation.

A new trend in prenatal care is gaining traction – and fans. Rather than the typical prenatal appointments, women are placed into a group of about 10 who are seen together, and appointments have a support group vibe. They still (privately of course) have health exams, but the appointment also includes education and discussion.

A doctored video is causing a major headache for social media companies, which are reacting in different ways. Because it’s not just about this video (of Nancy Pelosi, which was edited to make it appear that she is under the influence or ill) – it’s about the fact that since videos can now be so easily and convincingly altered, we’re entering a new age of fake news. Citing their own community standards, YouTube removed the video but Facebook did not. However, Facebook says they will be tweaking their algorithm so fewer people will see it.

The WHO now classifies “burnout” as a medical diagnosis. Video game addiction was also added.

A teen hoping to get attention – and a job – from Apple tried an unusual approach: hacking the company. Or, trying to – the company reports they identified and contained the hacks before reporting them to the police. The lesson here: think outside the box…but keep it legal.

Doctors in Russia are fighting for higher wages. Overall wages are declining in the country, but doctors are saying theirs are unlivable. In an example given in the article, a doctor treating a stab wound for 90 minutes was paid about $7.70 by the government-run hospital where he works.