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Gamifying Sleep | User Privacy | Kickbacks and Lawsuits

Pokemon Go is looking to gamify sleep with a new device that will collect data as a user sleeps and reward them for a good night’s sleep.  Sleep is definitely the hot health target for disruption, with companies ranging from Fitbit to Casper trying to find creative ways to get people to sleep more – a bigger challenge than it seems (see, for example, this article from Scoop yesterday showing that people are checking their phones in the middle of the night). This isn’t the craziest idea – gamification is an effective tactic, and Pokemon Go did get many people out and walking around. Thanks to Kristine Dyer, Director, Media, for this story.

An experiment by a reporter at the Washington Post found that although Apple says user privacy is a major priority, thousands of apps available in the iTunes store collect data. The reporter, who worked with a former NSA researcher who now works to protect individual data, calls for apps to clearly label when they are using third-party trackers. Thanks to Justin Freid, EVP, Managing Director, Growth and Innovation, for this story.

A bill gaining traction in the California Senate would require smart home device manufacturers to get user permission before recording conversations. It’s no surprise that California is leading in this initiative, as a state that has been prioritizing consumer privacy. Thanks to Susan Dorfman, President, CMI, for this story.

A few new lawsuits are drawing attention to hospitals that enticed physicians with huge salaries and kickbacks that were allegedly illegal. The win for the hospital was that the doctor would be a big draw and make money for the hospital. In some cases, the hospital was doing poorly financially, highlighting even further the high offer to the doctor.

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