Teamwork makes the healthcare marketing strategy work.

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Our skill sets unite to set results into motion.

We are more than a team. We are a unique meeting point where marketers collaborate with analysts, where innovators partner with media directors, and where it all comes together as one big, happy, devoted group of game-changers. We work together to transform potential reach into real-world results inside the health, wellness, and pharmaceutical industries. And we love every minute of it.

Meet the Team

Stan Woodland

Executive Chairman

As Executive Chairman, Stan does more than lead our team—he leads the industry. With a career that spans over 30 years, his work is widely recognized as a vehicle for change inside the healthcare marketing industry. His passion for innovation and excellence actively shapes CMI’s corporate culture as he fosters an ideal environment for supporting both personal and professional growth.

Dr. Susan Dorfman

President and CEO

Susan has immense experience in promotional strategy development, omni-channel/multi-channel media and relationship marketing, customer insights, and media innovation built to reach, engage, and deliver a return on investment.  She is a Doctor of Health Administration, a published author, and an industry speaker with strong connections and ties to both the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Eugene Lee

Chief Operating Officer

With over 25 years at CMI Media Group, Eugene is responsible for the global operations of media business leadership, media planning, and media strategy disciplines across all clients. He was voted onto the Board of Directors of The Association of Medical Media and participates in the Digital Health Coalition as a Digital Health Scholar.

Oleg Korenfeld

Chief Technology Officer

Oleg brings over 20 years of marketing data and technology experience, focusing on how technology and vision can bring transformational innovation. His appointment will help continue the momentum of decades of disruptive innovation in media as well as implementation of tech best practices on a global scale.

Justin Freid

Chief Growth & Innovation Officer

Justin has 15+ years of experience in emerging media and search as well as in core media strategy and is responsible for discovering areas of opportunities for growth and building what needs to be done to achieve growth. He has spent his career helping brands break down silos and push forward new and innovative programs while also helping his clients make the best use of data and technology.

Marjolein Bruurs

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO of CMI Media Group, Marjolein brings vast experience, having served as Vice President of Acquisition Services at WPP since October 2016.

Melissa Barnhart

EVP, Group Client Director

Melissa is passionate about partnering with clients to develop solutions for their business challenges. She actively explores innovative ways to join forces in order to accomplish the most ambitious of goals and pioneer the cutting edge of healthcare. She is dedicated to customer satisfaction and business development by creating consumer and professional healthcare promotional programs across multiple contexts.

Johanna Tompetrini

EVP, Group Client Director

Johanna prides herself on ensuring clients have the most effective, efficient, and integrated media plan possible. She has developed her expertise in the nearly 20 years she has spent working in pharmaceutical marketing. Johanna is passionate about infusing her brands with creativity.

Becky Frederick

EVP, Client Finance

With 25+ years of experience in healthcare media, Becky knows that change is the only constant inside this professional space. She thrives on reinventing the media wheel for her clients in anticipation of the ever-shifting pharmaceutical landscape.

Paul Kallukaran

Chief Analytics & Insights Officer

Paul’s wheelhouse is making data work for brands. He and his team step in as an indispensable resource to advise clients on how their targets, messages, and channels/tactics are performing.

Richard Schneider

EVP, Group Client Director

Rich is an expert client leader and strategic multi-channel media director with more than 30 years of experience. He works to elevate the visibility, profitability, and performance of diverse clients’/organizations’ brands through strategic analysis, planning, and design of leading-edge, customer-focused media, marketing and advertising initiatives.

Irene Coyne

EVP, Group Client Director

Irene is an accomplished health care marketing leader with over 20 years of strategic marketing experience. She has a passion for solving clients’ biggest business challenges, being an indispensable agency partner through superior service, and inspiring agency teams to deliver innovative, quality work.

Glenn Forde

EVP, Group Client Director

Glenn has 25 years of life sciences multi-channel marketing and analytics experience across agencies and consulting, from launching some of the first comprehensive online campaigns to developing solutions for both US and global commercial organizations. His focus is always on driving business impact by improving the consumer and HCP customer experience.

Joe Warren

EVP, Media Investment

Joe has spent his career working at some of the top media agencies worldwide. He has worked diligently across multiple brands building a solid foundation in consumer advertising and has translated these skills across multiple international markets.

Julia Missaggia

EVP, People & Culture

Julia leads initiatives from recruiting to retaining talent, strategy and promotion of employer brand and employee experience, employee development and progression, talent management, inclusion & diversity, and employee communications for over 700 employees across 7 different locations in the U.S.

Jim McCann

SVP, Development & Data Management

Jim has 25 years of life sciences commercial experience implementing decision support systems and information architectures within life science companies.  His experience includes commercial strategic development for some of the largest pharmaceutical brands.  His focus is to drive technology and innovation that advance advertising strategies and execution.

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