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We welcome new ideas and strong capabilities. This is an atmosphere of progress. If you have an appetite for making an impact, we will fill your days with equal parts challenge and encouragement. Find your opportunity. Realize your professional possibilities with CMI Media Group.

Join us to bridge what’s possible with what’s powerful in healthcare. Accelerate your career alongside the future as part of the CMI Media Group.

Employee Testimonials

Hear it from the people who are making it all happen on a daily basis. Our people are our greatest asset, and their words are a testament to how much we truly value their perspectives, and individual input.

Brian Ross, Director, Business Insights

CMI Media Group’s training programs are top-notch and allow me to best service my clients. The focused Onboarding Plans for every new employee provide opportunities that build upon your background to give you a solid foundation in your role. The training available is fantastic, but the people who support you along the way are what really set us apart and make us successful.

Diana Di Gioia, Manager, Digital Ad Operations

When I come to work each day, I know that I am entering a safe and collaborative environment. I feel it in my daily interaction with my peers and mentors. The executive leadership team has been vigilant in providing their response in speaking up against racism, prioritizing social justice, and not tolerating prejudice or bias. Being inclusive and the importance of diversity are always top of mind and a part of everything we do.

Alexandra Gilson, Director, Social Media

CMI Media Group invests in its people. We have a wealth of training resources right at our fingertips to make learning a new job or sharpening our skill set totally achievable. We are offered thorough training and onboarding plans, as well as opportunities for continued learning. Coming from other agencies, I really feel the difference here.

Julie Hurvitz Aliaga, SVP, Social Media

CMI Media Group has been a dream agency for me since day one. I feel like my voice is heard and my entrepreneurial mindset is rewarded. I have grown so much in my years here, and I credit that to being an agency built on hard work, care, fun and empathy combined. I couldn’t ask for more both personally and professionally.

Brian Cunningham, SVP, Media

CMI Media Group’s commitment to employee L&D is best-in-class.  Over the last decade, I have experienced firsthand its continued invest in the people, tools, and resources to drive development of its staff at every level and discipline—from industry onboarding to sharpening critical thinking and everything in between.  For me, the abundance of ongoing education afforded here has not only enriched my healthcare, technical and marketing skillset, but has forever shaped my professional career.


To elevate health through the power of connected conversations.


  • We do what we say
    • Being accountable means having the follow-through to support promises with action. Take responsibility and take it to heart.
  • Be honest, show respect, and act with integrity
    • We do the right thing. Always. Out of the belief that inclusivity is a source of strength. Out of respect for diverse perspectives.
  • Embrace and drive change
    • Our hearts beat to the pulse of innovation. We take initiative. We drive positive change. We exist to make our industry’s best practices even better.
  • Deliver WOW through service
    • It takes a WOW to move the meter. We don’t rest until we hear it. Our successes light the way forward for our clients and shine brightly back on us.
  • We are Family
    • Unity starts with common momentum. It continues as one connected team. Together, we have the ability to leverage our individual strengths for the collective benefit of our clients.
  • We are Best-in-Class
    • Best practices make perfect. Our quest is to seek out the best. We excel with best-in-class experience. We seek excellence in our solutions, in ourselves, and in everything we do.

Learning & Development

When our team members grow, we all grow. We are committed to creating development pathways for all of our employees. We’ve never met a growth track we didn’t like.


In order to keep pace with industry demands, we all must learn, adapt, and grow–continuously. Not to worry. We have a plan for that. We work with our employees to put career progression plans in place so they have the freedom and flexibility to choose their own personal development adventures and realize their career goals.

Leadership Programs

An essential part of how we define leadership at CMI Media Group involves translating the vision of our clients into reality while simultaneously supporting the internal team with effective management and active encouragement. We train our emerging leaders with a blended learning approach that draws upon proven best practices and an emphasis on core values.

Skill-Specific Training

Simply put, we invest in those who invest in us. Over time, many of our employees develop exceptional industry knowledge that positions them as Subject Matter Experts. We support that learning journey in every way possible. With a blended learning approach, we engage our future SME’s in people-centric, collaborative, immersive learning experiences that draw upon proven best practices and support our commitment.

We lead with inclusion. We celebrate all identities.

All for Good. CMI Media Group was built on inclusion and diversity. It’s in our DNA and Core Values. Challenging the norm is where we started and it’s what drives us as a health leader, indispensable partner, and home for our employees. We are a group of hearts and minds who want to make a difference and celebrate being different, to give a voice to and truly hear our people and our partners. We believe in more than “all.” We believe in “all for good.”

Employee Benefits

Our employees do their best work when they have the best support in place. This means surrounding our team members with a deep matrix of benefits from industry-leading carriers. We provide options that our employees and their families can feel good about choosing, so they have flexible yet powerful access to all the support they need to sustain their health and well-being throughout time.

  • Paid Family/Medical Leave
  • Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Medical and Mental Health Plans
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Generous Holidays and PTO

Join our momentum. Find your opportunity here.