Inclusion & Diversity

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All for Good.

CMI Media Group was built on inclusion and diversity. It’s in our DNA and Core Values. Challenging the norm is where we started and it’s what drives us as a health leader, indispensable partner, and home for our employees. We are a group of hearts and minds who want to make a difference and celebrate being different, to give voice to and truly hear our people and our partners. We believe in more than “all.” We believe in “all for good.”

Outcomes and Goals

CMI Media Group takes all for good to heart. We hold ourselves accountable by auditing our performance and providing transparent reporting back to our people. We invite them to have a seat at the table by collecting their sentiments and tracking progress on employee education and behaviors that demonstrate their empathy and understanding. We provide programming on Belonging, Inclusion, and Valuing Diverse Perspectives. We are continuing to seek progress by increasing our offerings to employees that focus on a framework that includes service, education, advocacy and allyship. We promise to continue to measure our progress, reflect on what we’ve learned, and push forward together.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led groups that advance inclusion, equity, belonging, and diversity outcomes, while aligning with our company’s purpose and values. Employee Resource Groups are incredibly important to how we operate because they give voice to our employees, impact our business, and demonstrate how we serve our communities.