Addressable TV Delivers Exceptional Reach to Niche Oncology Audience

The Challenge

  • Brand is third to market, behind strong competitors in a cluttered oncology space, with a small patient base under 500,000
  • The brand needed patients to request and stay on this drug therapy
  • Client wanted to explore broadcast to reach their audience

Overall Strategy

  • Narrow in on extremely niche patient audience
  • Generate a high SOV with patients in the noisy oncology category


CMI recommended the more efficient data-driven targeting, based on Rx data, offered through Addressable TV




  • Incorporated HCP list into targeting for further refinement of reach
  • Measured HCP visits and quality of the audience reached

Further Refinement

Measured HCP Visits

Results & Learning

How did this approach help the client?


of exposed households had specified rare cancer treatment in the past year


more likely to have relevant rare cancer treatment than the national baseline


of exposed households visited a physician after seeing the ad


more likely to visit a doctor than national baseline rate