How a People-First Focus and Advanced Technology Led to 40% CPC Improvement: an Empower™ Case Study

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The Challenge

Engage people who may be interested in cancer treatments while also being respectful of its sensitive nature. Specifically, we were aiming to effectively engage a specific consumer/patient audience to build awareness of a new oncology treatment without using the sensitive primary condition as a targeting attribute.

Overall Strategy

Determine ways to reach the right audience most relevant to the brand, with a "people-first" individualized focus.

Audience Identity

The EmpowerTM audience identity and media planning platform enables CMI Media Group to build specific audiences derived from over 2,000 data attributes based on demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity, household data, along with non-sensitive health risk factors and co-morbidities.

CPC-people-based targeting, rather than a media property strategy yielded 73% lower CPM and 81% lower CPC. Exceptional patient proxies: EmpowerTM analysis created exceptional patient proxies that enabled this oncology brand to cost-effectively reach only relevant consumer/patient targets.Key metric highlights:Research determined the optimal audience age ranged to people in their 50s and 60s, at different life stages. This also uncovered regional incidence at the state level, and we aligned the consumer audience to the client’s HCP target list that enabled for further geo-targeting.




Household Data


Proprietary Segmentation

The EmpowerTM team used our proprietary segmentation tool to identify two consumer segments for the initial 4-month pilot. By employing our new Empower audience strategy, geo-targeting at common Zip 3 level (the first 3 digits of a zip code), the team was able to cluster their consumer audience to the brand's HCP target list by location. The team was able to filter down a 12 million consumer audience to a refined target audience of 1.1 million consumers, enabling the campaign to cost-effectively reach the most relevant audience, aligning and activating messaging to targeted HCPs as well as our targeted consumers. This prepares HCPs for when patients come in and prepares consumers for the conversation with their HCPs. When both audiences are aligned, we see better outcomes.

Consumer Segments


Refined Target Audience

Better Outcomes

What makes this unique and note-worthy?

  • Channel reachability data to focus just on those that could be reached via programmatic; hence no wasted spend.
  • Geo-targeting of the consumer health audience to the brand’s targeted HCPs.
  • Engaged many interested consumers to take further actions to learn more about the brand.
  • Complemented media efforts targeting the brand’s HCPs.
  • Prompted additional treatment discussions between targeted consumers and the brand’s targeted HCPs.


lower CPM


lower CPC


CPC improvement