Incremental Revenue from an Underpromoted Audience

The Challenge

  • Expose underpromoted HCP audience to brand messages with minimal upfront NPP media investment

Overall Strategy

  • Use advance analytics to identify HCPs in the underpromoted audience with potential to generate incremental Rx
  • Through primary research, determine audience segmentation; develop promotional strategy and media plan targeting each segment, by value
  • Use proprietary revenue share model Own the Audience, where CMI Media Group provides100% of media investment and is compensated based on incremental Rx lift



  • Own the Audience (OTA) NPP media campaign in-market for nine months targeted at the client’s underpromoted HCPs
  • All NPP media was 1:1 and investment level, media mix, and reach/frequency tailored to each HCP segment
  • CMI Media Group partnered with client advanced analytics team to measure and verify incremental Rx generated from OTA HCPs
  • A Pulse Survey was fielded while the campaign was running to gain insights on audience exposure to the NPP