SEM Efficiency Improved Upon Account Agency Transition To CMI Media Group

The Challenge

  • Brand’s 2020 launch year and subsequent reduced budget in 2021 provided a challenge in sustained efficiency in 2021
  • Client transitioned media buying to CMI Media Group in 2021 to support other commercial efforts

Overall Strategy

  • Expand and refresh campaign assets as well as restructure the account to improve relevancy and in turn cost efficiencies
  • Focusing optimization and strategy around on-site user engagement and key actions



  • Launched new campaign assets to improve relevancy and reach including responsive search ads (RSAs), expanded keyword list and additional ad extensions
  • Switch reporting to the quality of traffic over quantity of traffic by optimizing keyword bids to on-site performance
  • Restructuring the audience overlapping strategy to align priority and reduce CPC inflation, allowing for double-serving to capitalize on additional real estate on the search engine results page (SERP) and pushing competition down