Taking Responsibility and Action: Building Relationships with the LGBTQ+ Community

November 3, 2021

On October 14th, we led an important discussion titled Taking Responsibility and Action: Building Relationships with the LGBTQ+ Community. Here is a recap of some of the salient points: 

Words matter, and even terms we use like LGBTQ+ change as the community and society evolves. It’s important to keep up with what is appropriate to use. It has often been seen as a small community but that’s no longer the case and particularly younger generations are identifying as being part of the community in increasing numbers. Stigma can directly impact healthcare outcomes. This can include problems picking up a prescription, or being comfortable discussing identity with healthcare providers. It’s important to make the space inclusive and accessible. Mental health often comes up as the #1 health concern for this group, particularly among Gen Z, X and Millennials. When people do not make an effort, for example will not bother to use the preferred pronouns, it is invalidating for that individual and reinforces stigma, and that can be very damaging. Suicide has been a major issue. Isolation is also an issue, particularly during the pandemic. Danny Gardner from GSK shared the story of using social listening to identify a particular challenge among the transgender community regarding needing more information about one of their products, and that was a helpful learning for them that changed how they market. Laurel Weber from CMI Media Group noted that lesbians are more likely to skip a routine exam, more likely to smoke and other contributing factors to heart disease. There’s a lot that can be addressed by pharma to be more inclusive. David Paisley from Community Marketing & Insights said that the community as a whole is largely being ignored by pharma companies. Charleigh Flohr from Human Rights Council noted it’s important that it doesn’t seem you’re just checking a box, need to focus on being inclusive rather than seeming inclusive. Laurel: Take the time to get educated, to use the right pronouns, making space for the community will get you further.

If you missed the live session, you can watch the recording here. Request a copy of our research at this link.

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