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Pricing Transparency | DOOH Programmatically | Buzzworthy Ads

The Trump administration is planning another move in an effort to force pricing transparency, with an end goal of lower prices and breaking up monopolies in payors and providers, with an executive order requiring all healthcare prices to be disclosed. Details are expected to be announced on Friday.

A recent programmatic OOH – you read that right, programmatic is hitting billboards – campaign featuring Kylie Jenner’s makeup line is showing how programmatic changes the game. A campaign that would have typically taken weeks or months to set up was able to hit in days, which as AdWeek points out, really works well for our on-demand world. OOH works for pharma too (if you’re hoping to keep up with the Kardashians) as George Tarnopolsky, our VP of Programmatic notes: “Digital out-of-home presents interesting branding opportunities for pharmaceutical brands, as well.  DOOH ads can be purchased via programmatic buying, and placed in front of users in different contexts, for example:  roadside billboards, transit shelters, airports, elevator and lobby screens, shopping centers, health clubs, and doctors’ office waiting rooms.  Both banner and video opportunities are available, with time of day and geofencing (latitude & longitude) targeting options.  For example, a consumer campaign for a dental product can be targeted to digital billboards specifically in dentist waiting rooms during business hours—driving patient awareness directly in the practitioner’s office.”

People are talking about: Gillette’s new ad featuring a young trans man being coached through his first shave by his father. This video from a Canadian talk show seems to encompass a lot of the sentiment, which has been overwhelmingly positive in support for the men featured, and also brings up how much brands should be involved in social issues.

An ice cream brand that features love themes in its ads decided to try to actually get two people to fall in love with its new ad campaign. Similar to a few reality shows out there, they chose (single teen) actors based on how compatible they might be, then put them in a few sweetly romantic scenarios and let hormones do their thing. (Although in reality shows the stars are usually aware and willing participants.) And it worked, for a little bit at least. So…is this sweet or creepy? Or a little of both?

Google is rolling out a feature it has been teasing for a while – live text translation. Point your phone at text in one language and before your eyes it will translate to another. Will be very interesting to see how it handles medical terminology.

Connected update from George Tarnopolsky, VP, Programmatic: LinkedIn has announced that it will purchase Drawbridge–a “device graph” company with technology built around identity resolution across screens and devices.  While LinkedIn already has its own technology for identifying users across mobile apps and desktop browser, it has lacked a link to other identity spaces such as Connected TV.  The Drawbridge acquisition should help LinkedIn connect users on its O&O properties to the rest of the web, creating more compelling ad products.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Apple is getting into the foldable screens game; they were awarded a patent this week.